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10X Faster, 90% Savings Accurate AI Audits



Vulnerability diagnosis checklist. About 10x coverage of Human Audit


Takes from submitting your code to receiving the report. 20x faster than Human Audit.


Compared to Human Audit, Bunzz Audit is 90% cheaper.

Can AI based Audits be trusted?

For regular AI is "No." Regarding the Bunzz Audit AI-engine, it is "Yes!"

Previously, vulnerability checks were manually performed by Human Auditors at audit firms, but in reality, checking a list of 100+ patterns is difficult. We focused on this issue and succeeded in automating the vulnerability check with AI and a database. In this regard, the comprehensiveness of our vulnerability audits is wider and more accurate than human auditing.

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Futuba Protocol

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Wilson Token

Meme Coin

Why Bunzz AI Audit?

The Best ROI

The high cost of audits is due to the labor costs for Auditors. By replacing the work that was done by humans with AI optimized for smart contracts, you can reduce costs by 90% and obtain audit reports that are more accurate than those done by humans.

Faster And More Accurate Than Human Audits

Bunzz Audit AI Engine swiftly and accurately detects vulnerabilities, outperforming human audits thanks to our unique vulnerability pattern database. With a comprehensive 100-item checklist, AI eliminates the risk of human error. Plus, a professional auditor's final review guarantees top quality.

Staying Ahead of Vulnerabilities

Bunzz Audit AI Engine has the ability to adapt to new vulnerabilities and attack vectors, constantly updating its ability to identify potential risks. This guarantees that the system remains current with evolving threats and upholds rigorous security standards.

What Our Clients Say

Avatar of Wilson
Darren Jensen
A Professional Auditor

I'm thrilled to recommend Bunzz Audit for its groundbreaking contributions to Web 3.0 smart contract auditing. Their innovative approach, utilizing an AI-based API auditing tool powered by reinforcement learning, signifies a significant advancement in Web 3.0 security. In an era where hacks and exploits continue to result in substantial financial losses, Bunzz Audit stands out as a leader in the field.

Avatar of Wilson
Meme Coin

We were intrigued by the AI based audit. We had anticipated a quick lead time, but the results were far quicker than expected, which was a pleasant surprise. The fact that the AI provides completely unbiased remarks is seen as a significant advantage. Moreover, being able to obtain a comprehensive report at such a low cost turned out to be an extremely valuable experience for our meme token project

Avatar of Wilson
LOCKON Finance

We were pleased that the report came out quickly after we requested the audit. In the Preliminary Security Assessment, out of the 18 vulnerabilities pointed out, there were only two items that we weren't convinced about. Considering this is an AI-based audit service, we think the performance is excellent. Also, the fact that communication is based on Telegram is convenient.

Avatar of Wilson
Omnichain protocol

We were able to obtain the report quicker than expected. Out of the nine vulnerabilities identified by Bunzz Audit, six were agreeable to me. Some of the code that was intentionally set due to the product's specifications was judged as vulnerable, but this was addressed in the comments of the Finalized Report. Surprisingly, Bunzz Audit discovered vulnerabilities that were not found by other Human Audits.


Vitalik Also Agrees...




One application of AI that I am excited about is AI-assisted formal verification of code and bug finding.

Right now ethereum's biggest technical risk probably is bugs in code, and anything that could significantly change the game on that would be amazing.

1:10 am · 19 Feb 2024

Perfect for You If..

Generate DApp

Limited Budget but Need for Audit!

Traditional audit firms are too expensive to engage, yet for DeFi projects, obtaining an audit report to assure VCs, exchanges, users, and partners of the platform's security is crucial.

Generate DApp

Want to Address Vulnerabilities Before Engaging an Audit Firm!

While multiple audit reports may be necessary, discovering numerous critical vulnerabilities can lead to additional fees. It's essential to promptly confirm the existence of vulnerabilities at this stage.

Generate DApp

Seeking Continuous Auditing!

Despite operating a DeFi platform, the continuous fear of newly discovered vulnerabilities affecting the platform's contracts remains. Continuous audits are desired with the platform's TVL increasing, but multiple engagements with audit firms can be costly.

Generate DApp

Performing Due Diligence on Potential Investments

It's unnecessary to obtain a comprehensive audit report from a traditional audit firm, but it's crucial to ensure the absence of critical vulnerabilities at a low cost.


Our Audit Scope Offers The Broadest Coverage

Bunzz Audit covers all aspects of smart contract vulnerabilities ever discovered by
humanity, offering the industry's most comprehensive checklist.

Bunzz Audit



detection Detection Rate
100+ vulnerability patterns covered/
Period Audit Period
48 HoursImmediate
GasOptimization Gas Optimization
Communication Communication
Dedicated access to people you can reach out toPurely Tool Based
FalsePositive False Positives
Very fewHigh
FalsePositive Cost
AdditionalCost Additional Cost For Detected Critical Vulnerability
AdditionalCost Pricing
Flat Rate/
ReportSample Report Sample
Consultation Human Consultation
Yes (Minimal amount which doesn’t bother your project)No
LogicCheck Business Logic Check
For common logicNone


3,800USD3,420 USD

Introductory offer per project

Use promo Code “BALAUNCH”

  • The fee remains constant regardless of the amount of SLOC (Solidity Lines Of Code).
  • 2 Contracts- 4 Audit Reports (2 Initial & 2 Final)

  • Chat & Mail Support
  • Human Inspection For The AI Generated Report
Most Popular

1,990USD1,791 USD

Introductory offer per project

Use promo Code “BALAUNCH”

  • The fee remains constant regardless of the amount of SLOC (Solidity Lines Of Code).
  • 1 Contracts- 2 Audit Reports (1 Initial & 1 Final)

  • Chat & Mail Support
  • Human Inspection For The AI Generated Report

8,990USD8,091 USD

Introductory offer per project

Use promo Code “BALAUNCH”

  • The fee remains constant regardless of the amount of SLOC (Solidity Lines Of Code).
  • 5 Contracts- 10 Audit Reports (Initial & Final)

  • Chat & Mail Support
  • Human Inspection For The AI Generated Report

Optional Audit:

Project's Specific Logic

By Human Auditor

What does it means?

For project-specific logic that AI cannot fully cover, a professional Auditor will conduct an audit.

By combining codebase auditing with this option, you can obtain an audit at the level of a major Audit Firm.

Frequently Asked

Do you have any kind of questions? We’re here to help.

Are you going to audit with just AI?

Our first report will be an AI report which will be check by a security researcher

If a critical vulnerability is found, will there be an extra charge?

There are no extra charges for critical vulnerabilities

Why is there a step where you receive reports twice in one audit?

To make sure you recieve less number of flase positives

What is the time period?

We are striving to give the report in 48 Hours which is faster than anyone else.

What is the process?

Once you fill in your information our team will reach out to you to understand your project and let you know of the deliverables & timelines. If everything works out you will be asked to make the payment. Once the payment is done we will start the process on your contracts.

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