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Terms of Service

The terms establish conditions of the service agreement for Bunzz (here- inafter referred to as “Service”, the tool to develop and support the decen- tralized application based on the block chain system offered by Bunzz pte ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “we” and/or “us”).

1. General Provisions

  1. A user of the Service (hereinafter referred to as “User”) must read and ac- cept the terms carefully to apply for the Service by the method we establish separately.
  2. User is deemed to be consent to the terms upon submitting the application prescribed in the preceding paragraph and start the subscription of the Ser- vice.

2. Amendment of the Terms

  1. The terms are subject to change without obtaining User’s consent. In such event, the Service agreement shall be superseded by the terms after the amendment.
  2. Upon revising the terms, such amendment shall be notified to the policy holders through our webpage.
  3. Amendment of the terms shall become effective upon publishing the said change and the revised terms on our webpage.

3. Notice

  1. Our notification to a user shall be made by the method we establish appro- priately out of postal mail, email or posting/announcing over the website.
  2. In the event we send a notification by a method prescribed in the preceding paragraph, the notification to a user is deemed to have reached at the time of the following:
    1. Postal Mail: After past 2 business days from the following date of the dispatch date. However, after past ten days from the following date of the dispatch date in the case of an overseas dispatch.
    2. Email: Time and date of email submission
    3. Publishing/Notification over the website: At the time of such notice
    4. Other: After past a considerable amount of period required for the notifi- cation delivery.

4. Contact/Promotion

We may contact a user via telephone, email or other method in order to per- form an opinion survey related to the Service, investigation of a transaction status, advertising promotion and hearing.

5. Registration

  1. Users are to complete the Service registration by the method we establish, and only those registered users shall be allowed to receive the Service.
  2. The Service registration shall be complete at the time we approve the user’s registration.
  3. An account information such as user exclusive password, etc. is issued upon completion of a user’s registration.

6. Registration Requirement

  1. Upon registration, a user must complete the process by entering accurate and truthful information.
  2. If deemed necessary, we may set conditions for the use such as limiting the Service only available to those users who met a certain requirement we es- tablish through the identity verification, etc.
  3. If falls under any of the following, an individual may not register for the Ser- vice when:
    1. the individual is the anti-social force, or has a relationship with an anti- social force
    2. an appropriate permit has not been obtained based upon the law on control and improvement of amusement business and other related laws and regulations
    3. an fictitious group which existence is incorporeal
    4. other possible risks by a user’s registration which may damage our credit, reputation, etc.
  4. If a user is found to be receiving the Service against the rules set forth in three previous items, we may delete the said user’s registration and prohibit the use of the Service without a prior notice to the user.

7. Account Information Management

  1. Pertaining to the passwords we issue based on the previous article, a user must manage them without a third party’s knowledge, regularly modify the password registration and take measures to prevent password theft under the user’s responsibility.
  2. We shall not be liable to any damage caused by a user’s abuse of pass- words that we issued or any other accidents.

8. Service Agreement

  1. Upon receiving the Service, a user must comply with related laws
  2. Upon receiving the Service, following the Service’s prescribed method, a user must enter or select necessary information, and enter or select infor- mation for the Service at his/her own risk.

9. Fees

  1. A user must pay for the amount we set (hereinafter referred to as “Service Fees”) for receiving the Service. Please refer to our webiste for the said amount.
  2. The Service Fee may be modified at our end.
  3. Upon user’s negligence of the Service Fee payment, we shall immediately delete the said user’s registration and cancel or prohibit his/her use of the Service.
  4. Upon negligence of the Service Fee payment, a user shall justifiably forfeit the benefit of time, and shall become immediately responsible to pay the entire debt he/she owes us in full.
  5. In the case of the preceding paragraph, in addition to the Service Fee, the user must pay us 14.6% delinquent charge per annum.

10. Prohibited Matters

  1. Users must not perform acts set forth in each of the following items for re- ceiving the Service:
    1. Acts of violating laws and regulations
    2. Acts of harming public policy
    3. Acts of an illegal payoff to an anti-social force and providing other coop- eration
    4. Acts of transferring profit made by a crime, and acts of encouraging and contributing to the said transfer
    5. Acts of impersonation to a third party or intentionally transmit false in- formation
    6. Acts of violating the right of or trouble us, other users or other third par- ties
    7. Acts of illegal access or contribution to such access
    8. Acts of inducing malfunction of the Service
    9. Acts of using, creating or distributing external tools which cause an op- eration to use a bug which is not normally intended with the Service, or normally unintended effects
    10. Acts of causing excess burden against our or other user’s server, computer, etc.
    11. Acts of transmitting or distributing a harmful program such as computer viruses to us, another user or another third party
    12. Acts of disturbing the Service operation
    13. Acts of using the Service with an illegal purpose
    14. Acts of violating the terms or against the Service intent and pur- pose
    15. Any other acts we deem as inappropriate
  2. Upon user’s violation to the provision of the preceding paragraph, the said user’s registration may be deleted and use of the Service may be prohibited
  3. We shall not be liable for any damage caused to a user by taking measures as provided in the preceding paragraph.
  4. In the event when any loss or damage is caused to use by a user’s violation to the first item, the user must return any profit earned through the viola- tion to us, and compensate any damage caused to us immediately.

11. Amendment, Suspension and Termination of the Service

  1. The Services are subject to change without obtaining User’s consent
  2. In the case of falling under one of the following reasons, we may temporar- ily suspend or terminate the Service in part of in full without a prior notice to a user at our own discretion:
    1. Perform inspection of the device for the Service and system mainte- nance update regularly or urgently.
    2. Provision of the Service is difficult due to Force Majeure such as fire, power outage, Acts of God, etc.
    3. The duty of Type I Telecommunications Carrier is not performed;
    4. For other cases when we determine the Service needs to be opera- tionally or technically suspended or terminate, or provision of the Ser- vice is difficult due to an unexpected situation
  3. In the case of the preceding paragraph, an announcement is made over the Service.
  4. In the event when a user is not able to use the Service as a result of taking measures set forth in each of items in the second item, we shall not be li- able to any damage caused thereof.

12. Personal Information Handling

We shall appropriately handle personal information acquired through a user’s acceptance of the Service following our Privacy Policy.

13. Assignment of Rights

A user must not assign or lend the rights and obligations pertaining to the use of the Service.

14. Intellectual Properties

  1. The Service’s illustration, UI, design, system and copyrights, patent rights (including the right to receive patent), design right, trademark right and all the rest of the Service (hereinafter referred to the “intellectual properties) belongs to us while users shall not obtain any rights. Also, a user may not perform modification, changes, reverse assemble, reverse compile reverse engineering, etc. for the Service.
  2. Resale, assignment and lending source codes for using a block chain system available from the Service, and disclosure or provision of such source codes to a third party is strictly prohibited.
  3. We permit only the Service users using source codes in the preceding para- graph during the subscription period of the Service.

15. Refusal to Trade with Antisocial Forces

  1. A user must represent and warrant that he/she does not fall under any of the following items at present and shall remain the same in the future.
    1. An organized crime group (hereinafter referred to as “Anti-Organized Crime Law” prescribed in item (ii) under Article 2 of the Act on Preven- tion of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Groups (Act No. 77 of 1991))
    2. A member of an organized crime group (prescribed in item (vi) under Ar- ticle 2 of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Groups, including a person for whom five years have not elapsed since the day on which the person ceased to be an Organized Crime Group Member)
    3. Associate member of an organized crime group
    4. Companies related to an organized group of gangsters
    5. extortionists, groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns, crime groups specialized in intellectual crimes political racketeering organization threatening to disrupt share- holder meetings (sokaiya) or the like, a miscreant advocating political activism, an intellectual crime group or the like
    6. Transfer fraud (including spoofing fraud, fraudulent billing fraud, loan deposit fraud, refund fraud, etc.) executor or transfer fraud group mem- ber
    7. An individual who has a close relationship with those pursuant to the provisions of each of the preceding items
    8. Any other individuals similar to those set forth in each of the preceding items
  2. A user must commit to not perform acts falling under the reason of each of the following items by the user him/herself or by using a third party against us or a third party:
    1. Acts of a demand with violence
    2. Acts of an unreasonable demand beyond its legal entitlement,
    3. Acts of using intimidating words or actions and violence
    4. Acts of damaging the credit of a third party by spreading false rumors or by the use of fraudulent, or disturbing its business
    5. Any other acts similar to those set forth in the preceding items.

16. Limitation of Liability

  1. We shall not be liable for any damages caused to a user in the case when the Service is terminated in part or in full caused by the Force Majeure such as interruptions, delays, cancellations and data loss, unauthorized access to data, labor disputes, equipment accidents, etc. due to Acts of God, wars, terrorism, riots, enactment, revision and abolition of laws and regulations, intervention or orders of government agencies, infectious diseases, power outages, connection line and computer failures/system maintenance, etc
  2. Our liability under the terms warrants the operation of the Service with rea- sonable efforts and the prescribed output of the Service is made based on the information entered by a user under the normal condition of the use, but shall not be liable or warrant any of such including the Service’s accu- racy, the up-to-dateness, usefulness, reliability, legality, compatibility to specific purpose and not infringing third party rights.
  3. A user must receive the Service at his/her own risk, and we shall not be li- able for bug, error, malfunction and any other risks caused by using source codes provided by the Service to his/her own service.
  4. No warranty shall be provided for any information a user entered over the Service or application the user created by using the Service.
  5. There is no warranty for email contents transmitted from our webpage/ server/domain, etc. not containing any harm such as computer viruses.
  6. Upon user’s creations of own application, in the event of using a third party service other than us, we shall not be liable to any of the said third party’s service in use and its outcomes.
  7. We may provide information for users, however we are not liable for any ac- tivities where the said information is used.
  8. Upon using the Service, the user must prepare, maintenance the usage en- vironment at his/her end including network, computer, software, etc. We shall not be liable for any damages caused by the user’s usage environment and its maintenance, etc.
  9. In relation to the Service use by a user, in the event that we owe any re- sponsibility to the said user, we shall compensate only for the damage within the normal and direct range happened to the user for real. Pertaining to a damage caused by a special situation (including cases when occurrence of such damage could be predicted), we shall not be responsible.
  10. In the event that we are liable for the compensation for damage, the said range of responsibility shall not exceed the amount paid by the user for the past 6 months.

17. Consultation

Any question arising out of, or in connection with this terms or any matter not stipulated herein shall be settled upon consultation in good faith be- tween the parties hereto.

18. Efficacy

  1. In the event when more than one article in the terms is judged to be invalid by the provisions of the Constitution, Civil Code and other laws and regula- tions, other articles shall survive effectively without receiving an impact.
  2. In the case of the preceding paragraph, even if all or a part of the contents intended to be achieved by such provisions are determined to be invalid under laws and regulations, the subject provisions shall be replaced to the maximum extent that they may be valid under laws and regulations, and the other provisions shall remain valid.

19. Jurisdiction

  1. For proceedings related to the Service, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first trial, depending on the amount of the proceeding
  2. Notwithstanding the prescription in the preceding paragraph, all disputes, controversies or differences arising out of or in connection with the Service shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association. If a motion for arbi- tration is filed, the settlement by arbitration shall be effective as the final settlement. The place of the arbitration shall be Tokyo, Japan, the number of the arbitrators shall be three, and the arbitral proceedings shall be con- ducted in Japanese.

20. Governing Law

The effect and interpretation of the Terms, etc. shall be governed by Japa- nese law.

Establishment on (01/14/2022)